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Product Description
The main material of Brown Aluminium Oxide is bauxite, which is electrically fused at high temperature. It is brown and features high hardness and toughness. The abrasive tools made by Brown Aluminium Oxide are suitable for grinding carbon steel, malleable cast iron, hard bronze etc.In addition, it is also widely used in refractory materials, chemical additives, precision casting and antiskid material, etc.
Color brown
Standard FEPA, JIS
Grit 16#24#36#46#60#80#100#120#150#180#220#
Used making grinding wheels,sand paper,refractories,polishing,etc.
making grinding wheels,sand paper,refractories,polishing,etc,coated abrasives
220# - 2000# brown corundum powder fro abrasive / polishing
BFA Introduce
What is Brown Fused Alumina
Brown fused alumina is bauxite, coke, anthracite as main raw materials, in the Canon of high temperature smelting electric arc furnace, the main chemical composition of AL2O3, TiO2 loop contains a small amount of SiO2 and Fe2O3, microhardness HV1800-2200, high toughness than SiC, use it made of abrasive, suitable for grinding the high tensile metals, such as all kinds of steel, malleable cast iron, hard bronze, etc., also can make advanced refractories.
Level of Brown Fused Alumina
Corundum principal component is the alumina, aluminum content hierarchical is used to distinguish, the lower the aluminum content is, the lower the hardness. 
  Primary BFA (corundum)
palm red, black, granular, is mainly used for precision casting, wear-resisting material, the higher requirements for abrasive industry, such as grinding wheel manufacturing fine buffing, brown corundum grinding wheel in grindin–g is the main type of grinding tool.
Secondary BFA (corundum)
 Black granule, mainly used for sanding, polishing, grinding, anti-corrosion derusting, stone carving, gauze materials, cut pieces, etc. Such as cleaning, surface coating on the surface of the workpiece before processing, change the physical and mechanical properties of the workpiece, workpiece surface finishing processing.
  Level 3 BFA (corundum)
Black particles gray powder, can be applied to all kinds of ground floor sand required. Such as airport runways, playground, and so on.
Corundum powder/White Fused Alumina/WA
High purity and low sodium white fused alumina is high purity α-type alumina powder containing no less than 99.7% AL2O3. This product is developed to maintain a low NA2O amount, as low as 0.15% or less, so it has an excellentinsulation capacity. It can be used as insulation coating material for a heater of electronics tubes and various insulating film materials.
Particle Size:
F180, F220, F240, F280, F320, F360, F400, F500, F600,
F800, F1000, F1200, F1500, F2000
It is used for making electronics, ceramic insulation components, insulator coating and engineering ceramics as well as wear resis-ting floor paper.
It is the essential material for making ceramic filler, insulator coating, thermally conductive interface materials, gap pad electrically insulating and noninsulating gap fillers, thermally conductive adhesive tapes and thermal clad insulated metal substrates for conducting heat.
It is widely used in high standard finishing, grinding and polishing industries.

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